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KOBEYa – Middle East’s Only Gluten-Free & Organic Japanese & Far Eastern Café & Grocery Store

Tucked away inside Wasl Vita Mall (close by to City Walk) you will find Kobeya Dubai – the UAE’s first 100% gluten-free Japanese and Far Eastern restaurant and retail store.

KOBEYa, is the only Gluten-Free café and retail store which serves Japanese Cuisine & Far Eastern Cuisine along with organic and gluten-free groceries. This Gluten Free restaurant in Dubai has a unique concept that brings joy to gluten-free healthy eating.

KOBEYa is the one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai that serves Kobe beef. It is also one of the most-opted restaurants in Jumeirah for organic and healthy food. Our aim is to serve healthy food that caters to a variety of tastes. As our name suggests, our menu features Kobe Beef, known famously around the world for being the highest quality and healthy red meat.

From the first bite our dishes take you on a culinary journey as you take in the ingredients, tradition of cooking, and wisdom of well-being.

This homegrown, UAE-born gem is strikingly beautiful! Your Instagram will love it! And so, will your taste buds! A fantastic option for celiacs, those following a gluten-free diet and Japanese and Asian food fans, Kobeya Dubai is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. If you are looking for an organic food and café in Dubai, this is the best option!

A powdery jade green colour is present throughout, and it sits beautifully next to minimal and modern furnishings. There are plenty of seating options for small and large groups – including private little corners for an important date or meeting. Outdoor seating is also available for the cooler months and offers a nice view of the SZR skyline – including a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa. The free Wi-Fi on offer also makes this a great spot to study or get some work done.

It's unassuming - too simple in some corners, you may reckon - but the interiors give it away: the pastel colours, hints of culture and that simplicity will let you know you're in for a serving of Japanese Food in Dubai fare. Whether you're coming in for a proper meal on laid-back half-moon tables or just want to hang out while sipping some drinks on comfy chairs, the place has a spot for you.

KOBEYa Kitchen is all that, a unique take on healthy, gluten-free dining and organic café in Dubai. Want to whet your appetite even more? Rejoice, because it serves 100 per cent pure Kobe beef imported from the Land of the Rising Sun. The menu has an extensive range of American, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese dishes, all with a pack of a healthy punch - from detox gobo root salad to tofu burger and classics, such as Japanese pumpkin croquettes to spaghetti and Kobe meatballs, KOBEYa Kitchen has indeed done its homework when it comes to fusion fare. Kid’s Menu is also available for kids with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. All of these offerings make it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai.

The retail store located inside the restaurant offers a wide variety of organic and gluten-free groceries. From gluten-free cakes, seasonings, pasta, condiments, cooking sauces, baby food, herbal and organic tea, Japanese rice and biscuits – we have it all to stock up your pantry!

Open Saturday-Wednesday 9:00 am until 10:00 pm and Thursday and Friday 9:00 am until midnight. To locate KOBEYa for directions, type Japanese Restaurant Near Me on Google or Google Maps, and you will find KOBEYa listed as “Gluten-Free Dubai”.